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The stage opens for 8th time with the happiness of IST-ISM. This time, foundations of a boutique life are laid for the families in Ispartakule. With the love of first day, with a boutique understanding…

IST-ISM is again at Ispartakule with a boutique life concept special for families. With IST-ISM consisting of 2 blocks and 236 residences is at your service with IST-ISM privileges from different perspective.

You will embrace your life again in the landscape area of IST-ISM. You shall step on happiness and rest your soul in walking routes at pergolas. You shall touch the nature of water in fountains and reborn under the trees.

Children must play safely. Children must find new friends, play well and must be grown up in forests. They must have a childish life and huge dreams. As IST-ISM, we have a word for a happy future for all our children.

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